Jeffrey Piontek

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Jeffrey Piontek by Mind Map: Jeffrey Piontek

1. The generational gap in technology use for education is enormous

2. The BIG Opportunity ...

2.1. The social graph just connects people

2.2. Communication, collaboration and creation is what makes the difference

3. Why?

3.1. Smarter collaboration

3.2. Deeper integration

3.3. Richer content

3.4. Better personalizatiom

3.5. Web 3.0 -> Web 4.0

3.6. We have moral obligation to our kids to stop educating them in Flintstone schools!

4. Teaching Jetson Children in Flintstone Schools

5. Legend

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6. Book: Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts, Oh My! Electronic Media in the Classroom

7. How do we educate for the future?

7.1. Schools have been designed in 19th century

7.2. Educators focus on 20th century paradigms

7.3. How do we move from the paradign based on standardized testing and graduation rates ...

7.3.1. to schools focused on learning!

8. How we do it in my school?

8.1. Hired teachers with the mindset that education should be different

8.2. We embraced social media

8.3. We focus on the inter-generational gap

8.3.1. The 20 year old had very different educational experiences with technology than the 15 year old

8.3.2. ... now take that with 10 or 5 year olds?

9. How do we get the teachers prepared?

9.1. We don't!

9.1.1. We really have to wait for the generation studying to be teachers today to enter the classrooms

9.2. ... the change over the last 25 years will appear slow compared to the change in the next 25 years!

9.3. We honestly don't know what will emerge 25 years from now

9.3.1. and from what?

10. What kids want

10.1. They want to be able to create and share that with others to learn and get feedback

10.2. E.g. in a highly tech school, kids can download from YouTube, but can't upload

10.3. student collaboration is key to students success

10.3.1. today project teams use amazing web tools to collaborate

10.3.2. the world is flat ... ... more so, the organization is now flat Education should be flat too!

11. In the future ...

11.1. location will not matter

11.1.1. if you can do the job, no one will care where you come from

11.2. Virtual collaboration will dramatically increase

11.2.1. social media map in the view of a 15 year old student 1: Web site 2: Blog 5: Facebook

11.2.2. Kids already try to build their own online presence