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Django build & deploy tools, Alex Arshavski by Mind Map: Django build & deploy tools, Alex Arshavski
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Django build & deploy tools, Alex Arshavski


Migrate your data across model evolution

how does it work schemamigration <proj> --initial migrate


whats new

1.2 support, multiple db


don't DRY, duplicate code, not use validations in models

requires source (.py) files, & can't work with compiled files, so won't work on build that has only compiled files (.pyc)


deployment framework

automates deployment over ssh

basically,, connect via ssh to server, runs your code


functional testing

records http conversation, using proxy

generates python code

tests for 200 status code, also allows defining SLA rules

allows running in load

generates html report, also from multiple runs


extensible continuous integration

how does it work

job based, can run anything, fabric script, that does sanity check with funkload, data migration with south

ui made of tabs, for different roles

advanced stuff

use south to migrate dumped data (xml's) to new model versions

monitor periodically the health of remote servers in customers' data center