Kim Ivey

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Kim Ivey by Mind Map: Kim Ivey

1. Why I CARE!

1.1. I know how it feels to be lost

1.2. I am queen of meal prep

1.3. Being a single mom I learned how to make money

1.4. Have a relationship with self and mirror that image to all is my dream to teach others

1.5. I am a teen mom and I know what it is to make something out of nothing

2. Who I SERVE!

2.1. Working moms wanting a voice

2.2. Large families needing help with food preparation

2.3. Single Moms desire to be more and make more money

2.4. Moms in search of self discovery

2.5. Teen moms trying to find their way in life

3. Values/Beliefs

3.1. Family First

3.2. Pay it Forward

3.3. Mom is Enough

3.4. Purpose + Passion and Profit will Follow

3.5. Do one thing and do it right

4. How I can help?

4.1. Teach to Fuel with Food

4.2. Power with Love

4.3. Inspire to have Faith in Self

4.4. Teach How to have Freedom from Finances

5. My Unique Spin

5.1. I teach you how see the good in the bad

5.2. I teach how to make something out of nothing

5.3. I show people how to disconnect in order to get connected

6. Strengths

6.1. Communicator

6.2. Motivator

6.3. Networking

6.4. Never Quit

6.5. Good Educator

6.6. No Fear

7. Weaknesses

7.1. ADD/ADHD Adult

7.2. Unorganized

7.3. Focus

8. Personality/ Things I like to do!

8.1. Collecting Healthy Recipes

8.2. Speaking in Public

8.3. Movie Marathons

8.4. Singing in the car at the top of my lungs

8.5. Gardening