Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention by Mind Map: Suicide Prevention

1. pictures

1.1. Pictures they could download and set as their wallpaper to make them feel like they matter.

2. about us

2.1. Who we are.

3. videos

3.1. Videos that give them reasons to keep on living and that they matter.

3.2. They can see what other people think about suicide.

4. Support for others

4.1. Ways for people to help others with suicidal thoughts.

5. Reasons to live

5.1. Inspirational stories

5.2. Uplifting Quotes

5.3. Things they can do to make them feel better. ex. places to go, things to do.

5.4. Friendly reminders that remind them that they matter.

6. Places to get help

6.1. Counselors

6.2. Provide a toolkit to help prevent suicidal accidents.

6.3. A hotline for people to call.

6.4. Anonymous chat room for people who are contemplating suicide.