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Sexting by Mind Map: Sexting

1. Societies moral code

1.1. Why do we have an age?

1.2. Does the legislation reflect what society wants?

1.3. Does the exclusion of laws open the opportunity for pediphiles and child pornography.

1.4. If they change the law does it then make society think that it is okay to do this?

1.5. What about extreme cases where the behaviour gets out of hand and suicide results?

2. Is it a part of the Courting process

2.1. Is sexing considered "normal" in young people?

2.2. What are the attitudes towards this? Care free, no thought for repercussions.

2.3. What is courting to young people these days

2.4. How common is it for teens to sext?

2.5. Is cyber sex and pornography increasing in young people

2.6. What is the maturity level of the sender ?

2.6.1. Do they think there is anything wrong with this

2.6.2. Do they realise they are objectifying them selves?

2.7. What are the social pressures?

2.7.1. Images circulating and making head lines e.g. Kim Kardashian naked selfie on Instagram.

2.7.2. Do young people feel pressured by on line presence, partners, friends

2.7.3. Young people being experimental, frontal lobe and decision making part of the brain not fully developed. quite impulsive

2.7.4. Consequences

2.7.5. Bullying, cyber bullying. pictures being shared at an alarming rate.

3. Mental health affects

3.1. Risky behaviours

3.2. Sexualisation of genders and young people

3.3. Gender based violence

3.4. Sexual curiosity

3.5. Depression/ anxiety, some cases of suicide

4. Legislations

4.1. What is the current legislation in WA

4.2. Sentencing of people?

4.3. Does it reflect the society moral code and concerns

4.4. Does it keep up with the modern times of technology?

4.5. Should it be done by a case by case bases considering

4.5.1. Relationship

4.5.2. Respective age

4.5.3. Intentions of the sender and the receiver

4.5.4. What they know of the laws

5. Education

5.1. Are teens getting enough education on the laws, and sex education in general.

5.2. Are they being made aware of the consequences surrounding sexting?