Risk Identification

Guide to Risk Identification. Everything that we do has some element of risk from travelling to work to building a skyscraper or arranging a deep sea expedition. All businesses have risks and all projects have risks. Article source: http://www.stakeholdermap.com/risk/risk-identification.html#check

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Risk Identification by Mind Map: Risk Identification

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2. 6 questions

2.1. What could go wrong?

2.2. What could prevent this from happening?

2.3. What can harm us?

2.4. What is the worst case?

2.5. What threats do we face?

2.6. What opportunities could we find?


3.1. Political risks

3.2. Economic risks

3.3. Soci-cultural risks

3.4. Technological risks

3.5. Legal risks

3.6. Environmental risks

4. Previous projects

4.1. war stories

4.2. lessons learned reports

4.3. industry check lists

4.4. common reasons for project failure

5. Risk checklist

5.1. Funding

5.2. Time

5.3. Staffing

5.4. Customer relations

5.5. Project size and/or complexity

5.6. Overall structure

5.7. External factors

6. Reasons for failure

6.1. Unclear objectives

6.2. Unrealistic plan

6.3. Poor communication

6.4. Poor leadership

6.5. Lack of skills/training