Animal rights 2

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Animal rights 2 by Mind Map: Animal rights 2

1. The fur trade

1.1. 55 million animals are killed every year because of the fur trade

1.2. Methods of slaughter include electrocaution sometimes leaving the animals conscious while the are being skinned

1.3. It is worth up to 500pounds to the UK economy every year

1.4. the business of farming or hunting wild animals for their fur to be made into clothing

2. The ivory Trade

2.1. The killing of animals for tusks e.g elephants tusks, these are sold illegally

2.2. In 1989 the united nations made the ivory trade illegal everywhere however recently they have allowed 108 tonnes of ivory go to china where there is a huge demand

3. Animal Experiments

3.1. testing on animals , either for medical or cosmetic purposes to ensure the product is safe

3.2. The government reported 3 million animal experiments in 2007

3.3. Genetic modification : plants and animals that have had their natural make up altered by scientists .

3.4. Cloning : the scientific method by which animals or plants can be created identetical to the original , have exsctly the same genetic make up

3.4.1. people believe that cloning animals will mainly be motivated to make money and human safety will be ignored

3.5. Religious Views

3.5.1. christians believe animals and birds are valuble to god but accept limited testing on animals in order to find a cure for a disease

3.5.2. Islam : it is forbidden to cage an animal ,however animals maybe used to find a cure for a disease if suffering is to a minimum

3.5.3. Buddhists oppose animal experiments . The believe life is precious to every living thing and that if we all care for one another our lives will improve