Weight training

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Weight training by Mind Map: Weight training

1. Key terms

1.1. muscle tone: where tension remains in a muscle , even is is at rest

1.2. repetitions - the number of times you actually move the weights

1.3. Sets - The number of times you carry out a particular weight activity

1.4. Repetition maximum - the maximum weight you are able to lift once

2. Benefits

2.1. improving muscular strength

2.2. Increasing muscle size or bulk

2.3. improving muscle tone

2.4. assisting recovery after injury

3. Types of weight training

3.1. free standing weights

3.1.1. They have to be placed on bars and equipment in order for them to be used

3.1.2. These are often used by people who specifically want to increase strength as its easier to add more weights

3.1.3. With heavier weights you should have a training partner to assist because if weights get to heavy the weight can be dropped

3.2. specialist weight training equipment

3.2.1. Types of machines found in specialist gyms , leisure centres and private clubs

3.2.2. Much safer because there is far less chance of injury or accident