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People in History: Martin Luther by Mind Map: People in History: Martin Luther
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People in History: Martin Luther


Luther was studying to become a lawyer but later studied theology and became an Augustinian monk

Remember to keep background info to a minumum - no matter how much you write on the background you can only get a maximum of 2 marks for it!

7. The spread of Lutheranism

Mainly northern German states + Denmark, Sweden and Norway became Lutheran

Luther's followers became known as Protestants

War between Lutheran states and the emperor

2. Justification by Faith Alone

"...the righteous live by their faith"

Belief in God is all that is needed to get to heaven

4. Response from Rome

Pope Leo X ordered Luther's activities to be investigated

Debate at Leipzig - Luther questioned the authority of the pope

Papal Bull (Exurge Domine)

Luther publicly burned the papal bull

6. Wartburg

On his way home Luther was kidnapped by soldiers of Frederick the Wise

He stayed in Frederick's castle in Wartburg for a year

He grew a beard and called himself Junker Georg

He translated the New Testament into German

3. The Sale of Indulgences

John Tetzel

95 theses

5. Diet of Worms

Emperor Charles V

Luther did not recant

'Edict of Worms' declared Luther an outlaw - anyone could kill him without being punished

8. Luther's later life

Married a former nun, Catherine Von Bora and had six children

Luther died of a heart attack in 1546 - one year after The Council of Trent met for the first time to try to correct the abuses in the Catholic Church that he had spoken out against

9. Luther's ideas Vs The Cathlic Church's ideas

Two scarements, not seven

Prince head of church, not the pope

Justification by faith alone Vs Faith + good works

Mass in vernacular, not Latin

Priests could marry