Life of Pi

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Life of Pi by Mind Map: Life of Pi

1. Who?

1.1. Piscine Molitor Patel ("Pi")

1.1.1. Smart

1.1.2. Observant

1.1.3. Devoted and Religious Hinduism Catholic Islam

1.1.4. Resourceful

1.1.5. Curious

1.1.6. Determined

1.1.7. Named after a swimming pool

1.2. Santosh

1.2.1. Pi's father

1.2.2. Skeptical

1.2.3. Believes in logic

1.2.4. "Religion is darkness" Had polio as a child

1.3. Gita

1.3.1. Pi's mother

1.3.2. Accepting

1.3.3. Loving

1.3.4. Cares a lot about her sons

1.3.5. Very religious Her only link to her past

1.3.6. Cut off from parents

1.4. Ravi

1.4.1. Pi's brother

1.5. Richard Parker

1.5.1. Bengal tiger from Pondicherry Zoo

1.5.2. Represents Pi

1.5.3. Pi's companion on the lifeboat

1.6. Mamaji

1.6.1. Role model

1.6.2. Respected

1.6.3. Wise

1.6.4. Experienced

1.6.5. Pi's swimming guru and honorary uncle

1.7. Anandi

1.7.1. Pi's crush before leaving India

2. When?

2.1. 1977

3. Where?

3.1. Pondicherry, India

3.1.1. Pondicherry Zoo Where Pi learns about animals

3.2. French Canada

3.3. Mexico

3.3.1. Where Pi gets rescued

3.4. TsimTsum

3.4.1. The ship that Pi and his family are on when his family drowns

3.5. Carnivorous island

4. Conflicts

4.1. Man vs Nature

4.1.1. Pi and Richard Parker

4.1.2. TsimTsum and the storm The ship sinks, and everyone on it dies except Pi, Richard Parker, Orange Juice, the hyena and the zebra. Pi loses his family

4.1.3. Pi on the boat Thirst and hunger

4.1.4. Pi and the whale The whale breaches and destroys Pi's raft and supplies.

4.1.5. Pi and Richard Parker vs carnivorous island

4.1.6. Richard Parker is hungry and wants to kill and eat Pi, but Pi survives by caring for him and establishing dominance. They become friends in the end.

4.2. Man vs Man

4.2.1. Santosh disagrees with Pi's adoption of three different religions

4.2.2. Gita and Santosh have an argument with the ship's cook

4.2.3. Pi encounters a blind cannibal who tries to eat him

4.3. Man vs Society

4.3.1. Santosh and his family need to move to French Canada because of the Indian Emergency, and economic problems