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1. Bedroom

1.1. There are many rooms in my house but the main thing for me is where I sleep as the others are my relatives as my sister in law , in my bedroom we find the following

1.1.1. a bed

1.1.2. a closet

1.1.3. clothes

1.1.4. many shoes

1.1.5. a mirror

1.1.6. two windows

1.1.7. a tv

2. The stairs

3. The Kitchen

3.1. I share the kitchen with other family members so everyone has their things in it among the things that I have there are:

3.1.1. a cooker

3.1.2. many casseroles

3.1.3. many skillet

3.1.4. salt

3.1.5. many condiments

3.1.6. oil

3.1.7. a cupboard

4. Front Garden

4.1. many plants

4.2. i have three pine trees

4.3. i have a near metal

4.3.1. Employee

4.3.2. Employee

5. The bathroom and toilet

5.1. In my house the bathroom and toilet are together and i have:

5.1.1. a shower

5.1.2. thootbrush

5.1.3. a mirror

5.1.4. soap

5.1.5. thootpaste

5.1.6. a toilette

6. Dining room and living room

6.1. My dining room and living room are close it s only one and this part of my house i have:

6.1.1. a tv

6.1.2. a sofa

6.1.3. a chairs

6.1.4. many photographs

6.1.5. a table