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about me?? by Mind Map: about me??

1. skilled

1.1. i can try something i never done & pick up on it in the same day

1.1.1. i had trouble writing paragraphs when i first started and wouldnt want to be in class when we wrote but if you look at me know i well give you everything a smart kid would with no problem

1.2. to me skills isn't about how you do things its how can you not do it but find a way to do it

1.2.1. we had to write a 5 paragraph essay in class and i was the first to finish without being there the past 2 days

1.3. being able to help someone get whatever it is both of you are doing id skills to me

2. travel

2.1. i remembered when i was in mexico as a little kid

2.1.1. i was born in mexico but have lived most my life here in the U.S. , and till this day i wounder how life is like over there

2.2. knowing that theirs a hole world out there that i haven't seen pikes my interest

2.3. i dont want to be in San Jose my hole life

3. soccer

3.1. i been playing since i was 6 years old

3.2. i loved this sport from the start

3.3. became the best i could be at it could of went pro but missed my shoot

3.4. without training i can still play with the best because i wont stop until i get that ball

3.5. not scared to fall down because i have two hands and legs so i can get back up its no problem

3.5.1. there was this one game where i fall on my ankle i had to get out of the game at the end of the first half it was 2-2 my team was struggling on getting the ball so i told my coach to put me in and as soon as i went in i got the ball and started making plays with my team mats and gave the wining pass at the last 5 min. of the game

4. thinker

4.1. i will sit down and think about the way of life and think about how we came to be

4.2. i have thought about ¨why am i the way i am¨and see why i do something the way i do

4.3. I noticed that i play with my fingers when im bored and remember my father play with his finger during diner

4.4. you can tell me anything & i can think of many ways to respond to you

4.4.1. i remember when my mom told me to change my nephew and i started thinking about ways to take it off without touching my nephew or without having to smell his poop how fast can i change him & is it possible to do it without looking