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Killer Whales Orcinus Orca by Mind Map: Killer Whales Orcinus Orca
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Killer Whales Orcinus Orca

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Around Canadian Oceans

Water they live in

Air is also needed for Killer Whales


Polluted Water

Less Prey for Killer Whales

Some people kill Killer Whales on Purpose


Types of Prey Under Water that Killer Whales Eat

Types of Prey Not in Water that Killer Whales Eat (Only Transient)




Black and White Patterns

Tall Dorsal Fin (Middle of Back)

Tail Flukes

Pectoral Fins

Action Plan

What the Government can Do

What I can Do

What Non-Government and Other People can Do



Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Cetacea

Family: Delphinidae

Genus: Orcinus

Species: Orca

Interesting Facts

live in pods (family-related groups)

Use whistles, squeaks to communicate with each other

Live around for 50-80 years because they have no predators

Use Clicking Sounds that bounces of fish and other things to find prey

Only 50 000 Killer Whales Left


Life Cycle

Killer Whales Never Leave their Parents, Male and Female

From 50- 80 years

Some Killer Whales die when born and age of 6 months


Hinterland Who's Who - Killer Whales

Species at Risk Public Registry

Killer Whale Quick Facts

Youtube- Orcas: Endangered in Puget Sound - Calling for Help

Canada Status

Endangered (threatened)

Around 50 000 Killer Whales left in World


Vocalizations of Killer Whale

Use Squeaking or Clicking Sound to Communicate with each other

Echo- Location