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Resilience by Mind Map: Resilience

1. Failure Leads to Success

1.1. (The Berlin Boxing Club) At first, Karl was a frail boy. When his trainer and teacher, Max, ordered him to do pull-ups, he couldn't even do a couple. But Karl was resilient and kept training everyday, becoming stronger and better as he went along.

1.2. (The Boys Who Challenged Hitler) When the Churchill Club first tried to steal weapons from the German police and military, they failed to achieve their goals. They were sometimes caught in the act and barely managed to escape. But by being resilient, they kept practicing and finally managed to poach a collection of weapons.

1.3. (The Martian) When Mark Watney first tried to create water for his plants, he blew himself up. But he took his mistake in stride and accounted for the factors he had missed to create the water.

2. Famous Quotes

2.1. "Start by doing what is necessary; then what is possible; and suddenly you're doing the impossible." - Saint Frances or Assisi

2.2. "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." - Carl Gustav Jung

2.3. "Never give up." - John Cena

2.4. "Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit." - Bern William

3. Famous Faliures

3.1. Historical Figures

3.1.1. Abraham Lincoln lost his fiancé to death, he failed in business, suffered multiple nervous breakdowns, and lost eight different elections. In spite of all of these disadvantages, Abraham Lincoln fought for African slaves' freedom in the Civil War and became renowned as one of the best presidents to date.

3.1.2. Steve Jobs was left devastated and depressed at age 30 after being kicked out of his own company. He is now the founder of one of the most successful company in the world. He is also the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios.

3.1.3. Albert Einstein wasn't able to speak until he was four years old, and his teachers said he would "Never amount to much" He has since won the Nobel Prize and came up with the famous E=mc2 formula.

3.1.4. Most people believe that Edison made electricity, but Tesla really did. Nikola was a great scientist, and when he applied for a job to help him gain money so he could advance, he was denied, despite his amazing scientific studies and work. Edison tricked him, and lied to him, and played him, while Tesla couldn't do anything. He claimed that Nikola's Alternating Current was dangerous and inefficient, and was actually the opposite. Edison killed animals and people with his electricity format, DC. Despite all of these put-downs and setbacks, Nikola never gave up, and became an extremely successful man.

3.2. Music

3.2.1. The Beatles were rejected by numerous recording companies. One said, "We don't like their sound. They have no future in show business." Despite all of that negativity, The Beatles rose to be one of the most memorable bands on the 1900s.

3.3. Sports

3.3.1. Michael Jordan was cut from his basketball team in high school and locked himself in his room and cried. Although he had taken a step back, Jordan persevered and reached the NBA, becoming one of the best players ever.

3.3.2. Lionel Messi was cut from his soccer team at age 11 because of a growth hormone deficiency which made him smaller than most kids. In spite of his disadvantages, Messi worked hard and made his way to professional soccer.

4. What Motivates Us To Be Resilient?

4.1. In The Martian, his will to live motivated Mark Watney not to give up. Mark rationed his own food and starved just to have enough food to survive. If he did not have the will to live, Mark would not have worked as hard and would not have survived.

4.2. (The Berlin Boxing Club) Karl's will to be able to defend himself motivated him to be resilient. If Karl had not wanted to defend himself, he would never have agreed to the boxing lessons with Max. But he braved through the lessons, and eventually he was able to defend himself and his close friends and family.

4.3. (The Boys Who Challenged Hitler) Their will to defend Denmark from being taken over by the Nazis fueled the Churchill Club's efforts to steal German weapons. Whenever they saw a chance to poach one, they took the risk.

5. Think Through Your Plan

5.1. (The Berlin Boxing Club) Before every fight, Karl analyzed his opponents moves to see how he should fight against them. After every fight, he draws a caricature of the boxer and lists what strengths and weakness they have.

5.2. (The Martian) Mark Watney had to think through a plan if he wanted to survive on Mars. He had to count all of the food that he had so he could know how much he could eat daily. To create water that irrigated his water plants, Mark burned hydrogen in the presence of oxygen.

5.3. (The Boys Who Challenged Hitler) When the Churchill Club raided people for weapons, they had to think through a plan. They chose to attack in broad daylight because they would not be seen in the midst of other people.

6. Sacrifices Lead To Success

6.1. (The Martian) Mark Watney had to ration off his food and fight hunger to have success and survive. When his plants died from a loss of oxygen, Mark kept his anger inside and learned from his mistakes.

6.2. (The Boy Who Dared) Helmuth sacrificed his life to help get the message out that Jews were not any different from other people. He tried to exploit Hitler but was unfortunately discovered.

6.3. If you want to succeed, you have to make sacrifices. For example, if you want to be a star student and go to Harvard, you may have to quit a club or team to put your focus on academics.

7. Abide By The Rules

7.1. (The Boys Who Challenged Hitler) The Churchill Club always gave the German police a chance and never killed out of anger. Even if the Gestapo had their back turned and the Churchill Club had a clear shot at them, they abided by a rule that stated that they should always give the enemy a fair chance.

7.2. In any sports league, there are a set of rules that players need to follow. In the MLB, players such as Bryce Harper and Mike Trout excel at baseball, but they also know how to control their temper and follow the rules. Some players take PEDs and break rules just to hit or pitch better. They set a good example for young players who wish to enter the MLB.

7.3. If you abide by the rules and play fair, you will have a clean conscience and will not feel guilty. If you cheat , you will have a guilty conscience and will be paranoid. It is likely that your nervousness will show and your secret will be discovered.

8. Honesty Is The Best Policy

8.1. Do not ever bend the truth. If a mistake is made that would be beneficial to you, point out that specific mistake. If you notice the mistake and you don't point it out, that is just as bad as cheating.

8.2. (The Boy Who Dared) When Helmuth is asked about his intentions when he was caught from hanging up anti-Hitler papers, he admits his doings. As a result, he does not have to starve in jail as much as he would have.

8.3. (The Martian) At NASA, when they learn that Mark Watney is alive, the team chooses not to tell the Ares 3 crew so they do not feel bad about leaving Mark behind. In the end, NASA tells them because they figured that honesty is the best policy and that the shock would be too great if the crew was told back on Earth.

9. Believe In Yourself

9.1. If you believe that you can do something and have a positive attitude, it is statistically proven that you will do better than if you had done the same task with a negative attitude. This is called a growth mindset. Believing that you can only stay at the level you are at now is called a fixed mindset.

9.2. (The Berlin Boxing Club) When Karl is boxing, he can not be disheartened. His attitude will affect how he fights, so Karl keeps a positive outlook most of the time, which allows him to survey his opponents to find out their weak spots.

9.3. (The Martian) Mark Watney had a positive attitude and believed in himself while he was trying to escape Mars. If he had looked at the situation negatively, Mark would not have succeeded in returning home. Instead, he would have suffered from depression and might have even tried to commit suicide by going onto the surface of Mars without a suit.

10. Overcoming Obstacles

10.1. (The Berlin Boxing Club) Life isn't easy, and there are many obstacles you have to overcome in life. Karl had to overcome the bullies at his school by learning how to box and how to shut others out. He also had to overcome the prejudice against Jews in the 1930s.

10.2. Eminem or Marshall Mathers, was a high school dropout who struggled with drugs and poverty throughout his early life which accumulated into an unsuccessful suicide attempt. He later won many awards including a Grammy for his rap music and has the highest net worth of any rapper ever.

10.3. (The Boys Who Challenged Hitler) The Churchill Club, a group of boys in Denmark during WWII who rescued Denmark from the Nazis, had to overcome obstacles such as undercover Nazis and not getting caught, but they were able to overcome those and make a change.