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HOME Database Features by Mind Map: HOME Database Features

1. Feature Wish List

1.1. Ages of children

1.1.1. track them

1.1.2. birth dates

1.2. Name tags

1.3. Vendor advertising management

1.3.1. CRM?

1.4. Publication subscription tracking

1.5. User Accounts

1.5.1. Login

1.5.2. Save your Contact info Family info History Events Publications? Payment inf?

1.6. Subscriptions

1.6.1. Manage renewals

1.7. Lockbox to store all org account info and passwords

1.8. KB

1.9. Issues

1.9.1. Scroll wheel browses records, instead of scroll ing down page

2. Initial Concept

2.1. Homeschool Association Tracking System

2.2. Intro Video

2.2.1. The Tight Ship

2.2.2. The Crew We wear multiple hats

2.2.3. Meet Raylene Frustrated

2.2.4. Tools must talk to each other

2.2.5. The Search for a System

2.2.6. Introducing HATS

2.2.7. One System

2.2.8. Feature run through

2.2.9. Topology Runs on PC/Mac Synch'd and backed up in the cloud Web Mobile

2.2.10. Filemaker

2.2.11. Redemption Software

2.2.12. Raylene happy

2.3. Track

2.3.1. Families Contact Info Kid's ages

2.3.2. Volunteers

2.3.3. Vendors

2.3.4. All interactions Cases

2.3.5. Events Convention registration Vendor booths

2.3.6. Subscriptions Who bought what Auto renewals

2.3.7. Forms Avoid reentry

2.3.8. Future UCS Bulk E-mail Advertising Self-managed user accountd KB

2.4. Requirements

2.4.1. Secure

2.4.2. Online In the cloud Always backed up Multiple admin users Raylene Kathy Bill

2.4.3. Flexible queries & filtering

2.4.4. Event Registration For printing and mailing in Flexibility in options

2.4.5. Print sub-lists Filtered list of records Custom columns

2.4.6. Roles General Board Member Key Coordinator County Rep. Event -specific Term Start Date End Date

2.5. Database Schema

2.5.1. People

2.5.2. Families Roles played within a family Head of Household Primary HOME Contact HOME User Account

2.5.3. PeopleRoles

2.5.4. PeopleRolesPlayed

2.5.5. Organizations

2.5.6. Products

2.5.7. ProductInstances

2.5.8. Events Event Event Instance Recurring

2.5.9. ProductOptions Required (Y/N) How applied? Per Registration Per Person

3. Road Map

3.1. v2

3.1.1. Notes Version 2 will be what's known as a "utility release". No new whiz bang features, but more of an under-the-hood structural cleanup based on what we've learned since v1. It will actually be rewritten from the ground up with a new look and feel, new data structure, and include "everyday" features such as member renewal reminder automation, mailing list management, faster searching, etc., all designed to make Raylenes life easier.

3.1.2. Features Data structure Add Family entity People database Company info Smart salutations Mailing address should be Joe & Mary Smith if there is a spouse Dear Joe and Mary, Searching, filtering and sorting Add a button to find by last name using a contains filter And by e-mail address Mailing List Management Purge duplicates Export mailing list button Volunteer Management List of possible jobs Job descriptions Track who has done what job Added list of skills to My Profile page, 1-24-17 Membership renewals Membership expiration reminders Digest Subscription renewals

3.1.3. Timeframe Spring 2016

3.2. v3

3.2.1. Notes I made progress on this but halted development to address some foundation issues we uncovered which will be addressed in v2.

3.2.2. Features Event Registration Entities Registration Product Product Price Levels / discounts / class Options Cost Payment Inbox UI Mockups Future Features?

3.2.3. Timeframe Fall 2016

3.3. v4

3.3.1. Features Vendor tracking Advertising Tracking MailChimp Integration

3.3.2. Timeframe Spring 2017

3.4. Future

3.4.1. Used Curriculum Replace FlashConsign Add 24/7/365 eCommerce

3.4.2. Portfolio & Assessment

3.4.3. Convention App