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TeachingRules by Mind Map: TeachingRules

1. Voice Thread

1.1. Practice a speech

1.2. Recite the most pivotal part of a play and why this scene is important

1.3. Do a book talk to persuade students why they should read a book

2. Prezi

2.1. Storyboard a creative writing story with introduction, body and climax, and conclusion

2.2. Write out the plot of a story on prezi - include pictures of how you see characters

2.3. Do your own family tree including what countries you have in your background

2.4. Prezis are great for teachers because they are much easier on the eyes then a powerpoint

2.4.1. Here is an example of a prezi that I used for my werewolf unit for a group of middle schoolers http://prezi.com/lpu40q1ul33n/werewolves/

3. Google Document

3.1. Have students collaborate on group projects using google documents

3.1.1. Students must add different ideas for their project, post final assignments, and add the teacher to their google doc to show the participation the student did on the project

3.2. Students will use google doc to display different elements of a creative writing story

3.2.1. Students will have separate pages for their introduction, climax/problem, and conclusion

3.3. Teachers can also use this tool for extensive lesson planning or when working on team teaching

3.3.1. Here is an example of a unit that I worked on with two other teachers. Our unit was on creative writing with Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies. https://docs.google.com/?tab=mo&authuser=0&pli=1#shared-with-me

4. Storybird

4.1. Students will be ask to rearrange pictures on storybird to create a story

4.1.1. Extra credit will be given to students who are able to change their first story into a new story with a different style - i.e. a funny children's story into a scary suspenseful story

4.2. Here is an example of a storybird I created titled "Beverly goes to work". I had some fun with this! http://storybird.com/books/beverly-gets-to-work/

5. Learning Games/Time Wasters

5.1. Free rice

5.1.1. Have students practice vocabulary and grammar on free rice

5.2. Sporcle

5.2.1. Have students take quizzes on literature quotes on the website