How financial accountability affects NPO fundraising strategy

MBA final management project, a 20,000 word research focused paper.

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How financial accountability affects NPO fundraising strategy by Mind Map: How financial accountability affects NPO fundraising strategy

1. Financial accountability in Musuems

1.1. Income related

1.1.1. Fundraising

1.1.2. Grants

1.1.3. Indirect Tax benefits

1.1.4. Bequests, gifts

1.1.5. Earnt Income

1.2. Expenditure related

1.2.1. Program expenses

1.2.2. Purchases

1.2.3. Administrative costs

2. Strategy

2.1. Intellectual capital

2.2. Information economy

2.3. Read Ghobadian 2008 for history of strategy

2.4. The notion of competition, is this used/appropriate?

2.5. Tacit and Explicit knowledge

2.6. Network effects of strategy and environment

2.6.1. Relationships and intangible Assets like fame, brand etc.

2.7. Professionalisation of Museum industry

3. Accountability

3.1. NPM and new public reform movement.

3.2. Styles of Accountability

3.2.1. Verification, then if unsatisfactory:

3.2.2. Explanatory account of why explicit expectations were not met.

3.3. Accountability and external context

3.4. Data protection

3.4.1. List swapping

3.4.2. Opt in and Opt out CAN SPAM act 2003

3.4.3. Use of data

3.4.4. Storage of data, security.

3.5. ethical aspect

3.5.1. New node

3.6. Relation to performance Measurement and evaluation

3.6.1. As a consequence, or resolution of conflict

3.7. The aporia of accountability

3.7.1. A decision is always in the end, secret

3.8. The aporia of responsibility.

3.8.1. Abraham and Isacc, unjustifiable decisions

4. Fundraising

4.1. Strategies employed

4.1.1. Legitimation

4.1.2. Revenue

4.1.3. Retrenchment

4.1.4. Diversification

4.1.5. Paying your dues

4.1.6. Giving away surplus

4.2. Competition for funds

4.3. What is legitimate practice is it effective today?

4.4. is a result of realtionships

4.5. Matrix of Fundraising vehicle And choice of media

4.6. Boyle and Jacobs Fundraisng Production function

4.7. Process of fundraising

4.8. Uncertainty, and strategies to deal.

4.9. The Fundraising Cycle- From Indiana U Center of Phil.

4.10. Donor behaviour

4.10.1. Who

4.10.2. Where

4.10.3. When

4.10.4. How

4.10.5. How Much

4.10.6. To whom, or what

4.10.7. Context

4.10.8. Psycholoigical and social influences on giving Attention Goals Stimuli Knowledge Attitudes Roseman's cognitive appraisal theory of emotion

5. Other ideas

5.1. What value does differentiation have in NPO's?

5.2. Use value v Exchange value

6. External environment /context

6.1. Fit of org and environment

6.1.1. The notion of isopmophism Orgs changing to be alike. Coercive Mimetic Normative

6.2. Ceteris paribus - All other things are never the same

6.3. Legal and regulatory

6.3.1. Tax rates

6.3.2. Form 990