Crafting a professional development plan

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Crafting a professional development plan by Mind Map: Crafting a professional development plan

1. Skills assessment

1.1. What skills do I currently have?

1.1.1. Assess your skills

1.1.2. How did I obtain those skills? Education Experience

1.2. What new skills do I need to learn (or existing skills that I need to hone) to reach my goals?

1.2.1. How can I learn those skills? Education Take a workshop Complete a course (online or in person) Read books Get mentored Experience Take on a new role within your research team Look for new projects and collaborators Join a committee Take on a leadership role Give a presentation or workshop Publish a paper

2. How do my skills and interests relate to active research questions and organizational goals?

3. Landscape Assessment

3.1. What are the pressing research questions/challenges in my field?

3.1.1. Discuss with supervisor and colleagues

3.1.2. Read relevant papers

3.2. What are my team's goals?

3.2.1. Discuss with team

3.2.2. Look at current and potential grants

3.3. What are the organization's goals?

4. Goals

4.1. What do I want to accomplish?

4.1.1. Research outcomes

4.1.2. Job position

4.1.3. Personal and professional goals

4.1.4. Promotion

5. Opportunities/Relationships

5.1. Who is currently in my professional network?

5.2. Who do I want to add to my professional network?

5.3. How can I build my professional network?

5.3.1. Identify events to participate in (on and off campus)

5.3.2. Make a plan for how to meet new people (and introduce others to new people)

5.4. What opportunities exist and how do I find out about them?

6. Interests assessment

6.1. What are my research interests?

6.2. Career review

6.2.1. past and current jobs Why did I take the job? What did I enjoy most about the job? What did I dislike most about the job? Why did I leave (or why do I want to leave?) What work do you do (or have you done) that doesn't seem like work? What work energizes you? What work energizes you?

6.3. Personality assessment

6.3.1. What am I naturally good at? Take personality tests 16 personalities Strengths finder Ask friends/colleagues

6.3.2. What do I enjoy doing and why? hobbies work

6.3.3. What are my core values? How can I live by my values at work?

6.3.4. What type of learner am I? (e.g. predominantly visual, tactile, auditory, or some combination)

6.4. What to I want to stop doing (or do less of)?

6.5. What do I want to start doing (or do more of)?

7. Prioritize

7.1. Skill development

7.1.1. Which skills are most important for achieving my goals?

7.1.2. What skills rely on other skills? (i.e. do I need to learn something before I can learn something else?)

7.2. Building relationships

7.2.1. What relationships are most important (now and in the future)?

8. Get feedback and revise

8.1. Partner up with a colleague to review each other's plans

8.2. Discuss your plan with your supervisor and ask for feedback and how they will support you

9. Troubleshooting questions

9.1. Do I need to (re)assess my skills, interests, career history so that I can determine my goals and opportunities for reaching those goals?

9.2. Do I need to research opportunities or goals of my research team and/or organization?

9.3. Would it help to get feedback from a colleague or my supervisor?

9.4. Do I need a different technique for capturing and organizing my ideas? (e.g. mind mapping)