TKAM Mind Map

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TKAM Mind Map by Mind Map: TKAM Mind Map

1. Major Plot Points

1.1. Mayella acts resentfully towards Atticus

1.2. Atticus catches kids trying to get Boo Radley out of his home

1.3. Mayella's mom died, she has 7 sisters and brothers

1.4. Kids visit Calpurnia's church

1.5. Jem cries when Tom is found guilty

1.6. Dill talks about his mom and how she is an alcoholic

1.7. Miss Maudie explains to Jem that not everyone is bad

1.8. Bob spits on Atticus at post office

1.9. Jem analyzing Judicial system, noticed that it is broken / needs to change

1.9.1. Have from have-nots, classy from unclassy. Very classic society

1.10. Jem is changing, looking at anything innocent as a mockingbird

1.11. Bob got and lost a job, blamed it on Atticus

1.12. Tutti Frutti makes scout be a ham, Bob attacks them and dies

1.13. Kids make dares and go to Radley house, but get scared off and hear gunshot

1.14. Find pants neatly folded on the fence

1.15. Scout does not like school and gets angry at students, and is forced to invite one to her house

1.16. The trial begins

1.16.1. Mayella keeps changing her story throughout the trial

1.16.2. Mayella feels offended by Atticus's questions

1.16.3. Mayella keeps glancing at her father during her testimony Goes unresponsive when asked hard questions To make sure she is saying the right thing Claims that Atticus is mocking her manners Claims she was taken advantage of Constantly contradicts herself Atticus points out that Tom couldn't have hit her on the right side of her face since Tom's left arm was injured and not usable

1.16.4. Mayella is scared of Atticus- scared because he can blow her cover

1.17. Miss Maudie's house burns down

1.18. Judge Taylor assigned Atticus instead of Maxwell Green

1.19. Christians are good, compares neighbors to witches

1.20. Tree knot covered with cement

1.21. Jem is shot at trying to escape the Radley house

1.22. Kids find presents in the tree

1.23. Tree Knothole plugged as the tree was dying

1.24. Maudie does not attend, feels that watching someone on trial for his life is like attending a Roman Carnival

2. Symbols

2.1. Mockingbird

2.1.1. Innocence

2.1.2. Jem, Scout, Boo, Tom Robinson and Atticus

2.1.3. Someone being wronged by society, who is innocent

2.2. Flowers at the Ewell house

2.2.1. Represents Mayella

2.3. Maycomb

2.3.1. Racist, Southern mentality

2.4. Boo Radley

2.4.1. Good with people

2.5. Atticus

2.5.1. Morality

2.5.2. Justice

2.6. Courtroom

2.6.1. Prejudice

2.6.2. Injustice

2.7. Bob Ewell

2.7.1. Bad face of society

2.8. Walter

2.8.1. Classism in the south

2.9. Scout

2.9.1. Growing up, maturity

2.10. Radley House

2.10.1. Superstition

2.11. The trial

2.11.1. Racial and social injustice

3. Literary Devices

3.1. Foreshadowing

3.1.1. There are multiple examples of foreshadowing in the novel, but the biggest one is the town. The climate of the town and the people that inhabit it is very telling to the ending events in the novel. The town is racially charged and is divided based not just on race, but on class. In addition, the time period in which this takes place also adds to the foreshadowing because we are in a time when the U.S. is socially divided and racism is still heavily accepted.

3.2. Tone

3.2.1. The narrator heavily adds to the tone of the novel; especially the idea of innocence and being naive. Since Scout tells the story, the tone established follows her point of view, while we get the perspective of a young and naive girl who is trying to make sense of the world, we also (occasionally) take part in a more playful tone)

3.3. Symbolism

3.3.1. TKAM is filled with symbolism; especially the extended symbol of the mockingbird as someone that has been wronged by society; innocent

4. Inconsistent moments during the trial

4.1. No one called a doctor

4.1.1. He would find out what really happened

4.2. Tom cannot use his left arm

4.2.1. Mayella hurt on the right

4.2.2. Anyone could have choked Mayella

4.2.3. Atticus makes Mayella fold in Anger, but no one suspected a thing

4.3. Bob Ewell is very angry at Atticus, if he wasn't wrong he wouldn't be mad

4.4. Mayella constantly contradicts herself

5. Major Characters

5.1. Scout

5.1.1. Jean Louise Finch

5.1.2. Tomboy

5.1.3. Stubborn

5.1.4. Follows Jem everywhere

5.1.5. Looks up to Jem and Atticus

5.1.6. Speaks her mind

5.1.7. Francis is the most boring child she has ever met

5.2. Their mom

5.2.1. Died when Jem was 2

5.3. Jem

5.3.1. Strong witted, follows Dill

5.3.2. Believes in civil rights

5.3.3. Sees the real face of the world

5.3.4. Sees how cruel the people in the town really are

5.3.5. Matures significantly over the course of the story

5.3.6. 9 years old when the novel starts

5.4. Dill

5.4.1. Visits the Finchs in the summer

5.4.2. Curious and a leader

5.4.3. Charles Baker Harris

5.4.4. Wants to be a clown to laugh at people

5.5. Calpurnia

5.5.1. Caring

5.5.2. Motherly

5.5.3. Conservative

5.5.4. Opinionated

5.6. Atticus

5.6.1. Reasonable

5.6.2. Quick-witted

5.6.3. Believes in equality and justice, instills it in his children

5.6.4. Not affected by losing the trial

5.6.5. Stands up to his sister for the first time, disagrees with her opinion on the trial

5.6.6. Gives Jem a lesson that not all things can be fixed

5.6.7. Justice, restraint and honesty are his important principles

5.7. Boo

5.7.1. Quiet

5.7.2. Mysterious

5.7.3. Stranger

5.7.4. Caring

5.7.5. Sweet young child driven by his overbearing father

5.7.6. Mended Jem's pants and placed the presents in the tree

6. Other important characters

6.1. Bob

6.1.1. Opposite of Atticus

6.1.2. Alcoholic

6.1.3. Poor

6.1.4. Controlling

6.1.5. Racist

6.1.6. Harasses and follows the judge's wife, Helen

6.1.7. Sly/Sneaky Sensitive to the elements

6.2. Mayella

6.2.1. Controlled, Abused, Acts childishly

6.2.2. Does not like her dad in certain cases

6.2.3. Has no friends

6.2.4. Gets angry every time Atticus calls her Miss

6.2.5. Bruise on the right side of her face

6.3. Tom Robinson

6.3.1. Left arm injured

6.3.2. Honest

6.3.3. Modest

6.3.4. Wrongfully accused

6.4. Maudie

6.4.1. Cook

6.4.2. Befriends Scout, her closest friend

6.4.3. Home burned down

6.4.4. Tells Scout that Boo is not a bad person

6.4.5. Widow

6.4.6. Gardener

6.4.7. Strongest and most resilient female character

7. Themes

7.1. Coexistence of good vs. evil

7.2. Importance of moral education

7.2.1. Race

7.3. Existence of social inequality

7.3.1. Town is sexist

7.4. Youth and its innocence

7.5. Femininity

7.6. Family