Wordpress as a Mindmap

Wish list for having Wordpress-like features for content in a Mindmap format for navigation, authoring, editing.

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Wordpress as a Mindmap by Mind Map: Wordpress as a Mindmap

1. Mind Mapping Web site template

1.1. Suggest a Wordpress Plugin

1.2. MindMeister Plug-in embeds a mindmap in Wordpress

1.3. MindCat – displays categories as a mind map

1.4. Freemind Viewer

2. Mindmap Navigation Instead of traditional website menus

2.1. Menus have hierarchy but mindmaps have better contextual placement so you can see the topic's "place in the world"

2.2. Try using F1 to see a list of keyboard navigation tools

2.3. Levels of display

3. Have a Mind Map User Experience with typical web site content

3.1. Have a Mind Map Layout with same benefits as Pinterest with links and hierarchy

3.2. Needs an easy way to copy paste images into topics and notes.  A save to folder and naming tool would be better than having to go outside the interface to setup the image name and location in wordpress media first then come back to the mindmap to make the link.

4. Mind Mapping lets you blurt out a topic then move it to a more logical place by dragging

4.1. Don't lose the thought, make the jot.