Copy of Ontario High School Chemistry Curriculum

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Copy of Ontario High School Chemistry Curriculum by Mind Map: Copy of Ontario High School Chemistry Curriculum

1. SNC2P: Grade 10 Science Applied

1.1. Chemical Reactions and their practical applications

2. SNC2D: Grade 10 Science Academic

2.1. Chemical reactions

3. SNC1D: Grade 9 Science Academic

3.1. Atoms, Elements and Compounds

4. SNC1P: Grade 9 Science Academic

4.1. Exploring Matter

5. SCH4U: Grade 12 Chemistry for U

5.1. Organic Chemistry

5.2. Structure and properties of matter

5.3. Energy Changes and rates of Reactions

5.4. Chemical Systems and Equilibrium

5.5. Electrochemistry

6. SCH4C: Grade 12 Chemistry for C

6.1. Matter and Qualitative Analysis

6.2. Organic Chemistry

6.3. Electrochemistry

6.4. Chemical Reactions

6.5. Chemistry in the environment

7. SCH3U: Grade 11 Chemistry for U

7.1. Matter, chemical trends, Chemical bonding

7.2. Chemical Reactions

7.3. Quantities in Chemical Reactions

7.4. Solutions and Solubility

7.5. Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry