Pre-Assessment Readiness Findings

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Pre-Assessment Readiness Findings by Mind Map: Pre-Assessment Readiness Findings

1. Mostly Correct

1.1. True/ False Questionnaire

1.1.1. Students will answer true/ false questions regarding  about content area to allow teacher to pinpoint the exact knowledge they are lacking that is preventing them from having 100% accuracy.

1.1.2. The questionnaire will help students to identify if the knowledge that they need to learn

1.2. Collaborative Activities-Jigsaw Method

1.2.1. Students will become an expert on the content that they need to learn more about. This is the content that they were unable to answer correctly during the pre-assessment

1.2.2. The material that they discover will allow them to assist other students

1.3. Extended Learning activities

1.3.1. Students can complete more in depth research about content area allowing them to become a expert.

1.3.2. Along with reading the stories that the entire class is reading, students will be complete their own independent study reading as well

2. Limited Knowledge

2.1. Student Interview

2.1.1. During student/ teacher interview the  conversation will help students make real life connections to content

2.1.2. Students will answer open ended questions during interview that will allow the strengthen of students critical thinking skills

2.2. Concept Maps

2.2.1. Simple way for students to organize and represent newly learned knowledge

2.2.2. The visuals presented from concept maps. Help students to communicate information while integrating new content with older content

2.3. Talk and Turn

2.3.1. Allows student to become more engaged within the lesson as a result strengthen their knowledge intake

2.3.2. Teacher will be able to hear the ideas that students are sharing within one another which help teacher to assess student rising knowledge

3. Somewhat/ Needs Development

3.1. Talk and Turn

3.1.1. Give students the opportunity to share and clarify thoughts

3.1.2. While students are talking with one another they will be able to gain new information


3.2.1. During whole group instruction students will be able to agree or disagree with questions asked by teacher

3.2.2. Strategy will allow teacher to easily determine which students are knowledgeable about particular content


3.3.1. Students will be able to express what they know about content and then they will be able to express what the want to know.

3.3.2. Chart will then allow teacher and students to identify what students have learned from lesson within a organized manner.