Gold: an introduction by

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Gold: an introduction by by Mind Map: Gold: an introduction by

1. How to convert currency into money

2. Brand yourself with gold

3. Why own gold?

3.1. Store value

3.1.1. Shorting the Federal Reserve

3.2. Universal money

3.2.1. money vs currency

3.3. Hedge against inflation

3.4. Protection against negative interest (Tim Price)

3.5. Protection against the elimination of cash

3.6. Compulsory bank bail ins

3.7. QE Quatitative Easing

4. Watch This First

5. Useful Tools

5.1. How to MindMap

5.2. Free MindMeister Account

5.3. YouTube

5.4. Affiliate Marketing Secrets

5.5. Website Building w Weebly

5.6. How to use UberConference

6. State Street Bank Paper on Reasons to Own Gold

7. Where, when & how to exchange paper for gold

7.1. Karatbars

7.1.1. weights liquidity currency friendly weights 0.1 gram €4.16 on 27 Oct 2018 1 gram €41.60 on 27 Oct 2018 2.5 gram 5 gram 6 gram

7.1.2. features & benefits

7.1.3. KB pricing discounts

7.1.4. UBS pricing UBS

7.1.5. tax benefits Sandy Botkin, JD, CPA Botkin tax strategies Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D KB tax strategies quick tip tax advantaged gold acquisition business cards thank you cards Christmas gift card sample box related business deductions

8. Open a FREE Karatbars Gold Savings Account: Click Here.

9. £ vs Gold

10. Why I Buy Gold