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English Grade 9 by Mind Map: English Grade 9

1. English

1.1. Books:

1.1.1. A Separate Peace

1.1.2. Romeo and Juliet

1.2. Worsheets

1.2.1. A Separate Peace Diction

1.2.2. Romeo and Juliet Oximoron Simile and Metaphot Hyperbole

1.3. Essays:

1.3.1. Finny's point of view

1.3.2. Gene is Finny's puppet

1.3.3. How does Gene react to brinker and the other boys questionin him about the accident?

1.3.4. Discussion points

1.3.5. Why did Gene not want to hear Leper's story?

1.4. Important Test

1.4.1. Test "A Separate Peace