Useful Web 2.0 tools & Mobile Apps

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Useful Web 2.0 tools & Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Useful Web 2.0 tools & Mobile Apps

1. For Coaches/ Athletes

1.1. Web 2.0 Tools

1.1.1. SteepleWeb SteepleWeb is a website that allows athletes and coaches to enter training data, analyze current training, and compare training results of other teams.

1.1.2. MotionView MotionView is a website that analyzes motion videos. This site allows users to edit, draw, and voice record on videos for easy feedback.

1.1.3. The NCAA website includes coaching resources, job openings, recruit information, and forums for coaches to interact with each other.

1.2. Mobile Apps

1.2.1. GroupMe Groupme is a communication app great for sports teams. Coaches can easily message the entire team within the app, ensuring their message will get seen.

1.2.2. Coach's Eye Coach's Eye is a video breakdown app that provides athletes with instant feedback. Coaches can film a game, slow mo the film, tag the desired athlete, and voice record or draw right on the video clip.

1.2.3. Hudl Hudl is a video editing app. This app makes breaking down game film very easy. Users can share video clips with each other as well as create highlight reels for recruiting purposes.

2. For Educators/ Students

2.1. Web 2.0 Tools

2.1.1. Kahoot Kahoot is a student response system that also allows teacher to upload lessons, create quizzes and discussions.

2.1.2. Kaizena Kaizen is a website that allows teachers highlight, add comments, and voice instructions to students' work. A great way to provide feedback in a variety of ways.

2.1.3. VideoNotes VideoNotes allows students to take notes while using a variety of video sharing websites. The notes automatically synchronize with the video and allows students to take snap shots of the video and embed them into their notes. The notes can then be shared with others.

2.2. Mobile Apps

2.2.1. Subtext Subtext is an app that is deigned for K-12 students and educators. This app offers many free books as well as a way for teachers to embed videos and instructions within the text.

2.2.2. Remind 101 Remind 101 is an app that used to solve communication problems between teachers and students. Lesson plans can be synchronized to send text messages to students, in order to remind them of homework assignments.

2.2.3. Elevate Elevate is an app that "trains" students' brains after school hours. Students can pick their struggle areas and play games that will sharpen their skills. The students will earn points depending how they do in the game and can compare their scores with other students around the world.

2.2.4. SchoolNotes SchoolNotes is an app that allows students, parents, and educators sty in contact. Parents can track student's progress, teachers can create study tools, and students can communicate with their teacher.

3. For Business Professionals

3.1. Web 2.0 Tools

3.1.1. Google+ Google+ is a social networking site that allows members to share information through video chats, discussions, and photo sharing.

3.1.2. Company Loop Company Loop is a social networking site aimed at employees within the same company. This site allows employees to easily and privately share information and connect with each other.

3.1.3. Konnects Konnects is a social networking site designed for young professionals. This site allows members to create a profile, connect with other business professionals, and provides members with tips/ tools to grow their business.

3.1.4. LinkedIn LinkedIn allows members to create a profile and create connections within their desired field of work. LinkedIn also allows members to search for job openings within their field.

3.2. Mobile Apps

3.2.1. Diigo Diigo is a social bookmarking app that allows members to highlight and attach sticky notes to any part of the site and then share it with other members.

3.2.2. Square Register Square Register allows users to manage their business from anywhere by accepting credit cards.

3.2.3. Cisco WebEx Meetings Cisco WebEx Meetings allows users to easily conduct video meetings from anywhere in the world. Documents can be attached and viewed throughout the meetings.