Castlevania SoTN:    Richter Belmont

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Castlevania SoTN:    Richter Belmont by Mind Map: Castlevania SoTN:    Richter Belmont

1. Richter has a health bar on the left

1.1. health is deducted when richter is hit by projectile or enemy.


1.2.1. when richter loses all of his health in the fight with dracula, a girl comes in to use magic to give richter permanent invulnerability and burning whip for the rest of the fight

2. Item Interaction

2.1. richter can use any item he picks up

3. var damage:boolean true

4. Movement

4.1. left and right arrow allows left and right movement

4.1.1. double tap causes player to run running creates afterimages

4.2. down arrow crouch

4.2.1. also moves elevators down

4.3. up arrow allows player to save in a save room

4.3.1. moves elevator upwards

4.4. X button is jump

4.4.1. double tapping X causes richter to backflip

4.4.2. Hold down arrow with X results in slide Pressing X during slide results in flying kick

5. Combat

5.1. Square

5.1.1. Tap: horizontal metal whip attack at the direction richter is facing

5.1.2. hold and use directional button: richter swings his metal whip at the direction of the arrow pressed

5.1.3. Up+down+left/right+ Square results in a whip dash where Richter is invulnerable.

5.2. power up ability, causes metal whip to become burning metal whip, increases damage

5.2.1. has a short casting animation before power up is applied

6. var moveLeft:Boolean = true;

7. var moveRight:Boolean = true;

8. var run:Boolean = true

9. var Jump:Boolean = true