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Strategic Squares by Mind Map: Strategic Squares
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Strategic Squares

Defensive Marketing

P1: Only the market leader should consider playing defense

P2: The best defense strategy is the courage to attack yourself.

P3: Strong competitive moves should always be blocked.

Offensive Marketing

P1: The main consideration is the strength of the leader's position.

P2: Find the weakness in the leader's strength and attack at that point.

P3: Launch the attack on as narrow a front as possible.

Flanking Marketing

P1: A good flanking move must be made into a uncontested area.

P2: Tactical surprise ought to be an important element of the plan.

P3: The pursuit is just as critical as the attack itself.

Guerrilla Marketing

P1: Find a segment of the market small enough to defend.

P2: No matter how successful you become, never act like the leader.

P3: Be prepared to bug out at a moment's notice.