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e2p by Mind Map: e2p

1. Exploitation

2. Involving Communication Plan

2.1. Target populations

2.1.1. Direct users (potential entrepreneurs) Graduating students Unemployed Proactive employees Unemployement-threatened employees Family Business members

2.1.2. Intermediate promoters Project Partners Silent Partners CPV CNA API Institutions University Schools Chambers Public Bodies Quasi-institutions trade associations training and innovation centers Private Sector Operators Banks Merger & Acquisitions SME Market places Training and Consultancy firms Micro and SMEs Business Angels - EBAN Atletica Vicentina

2.2. Media

2.2.1. Paper strategy (WP6) Target search

2.2.2. Electronic strategy (WP6) Target attraction Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns Tutorial (Screencast)

2.3. Message

2.3.1. Information (cold)

2.3.2. Involving Communication (quite warm)

2.3.3. Motivation (Opportunity fetching)

3. IPR

3.1. Interparnters agreement on post project exploitation