The London 2012 Summer Olympics

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The London 2012 Summer Olympics by Mind Map: The London 2012 Summer Olympics

1. Event

1.1. Time

1.1.1. From 27th July to 12th August 2012

1.2. Venues

1.2.1. The Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, opening and closing ceremony

1.2.2. Wembley Arena ,for badminition and gymnastics

1.2.3. Wembley Stadium , male and female football games

1.2.4. Wimbledon tennis court, Tennis

1.2.5. Excel Stadium, 143 games about fencing,Taekwondo,table tennis and boxing etc.

1.2.6. Greenwich Park, Equestrain

2. Public Transport

2.1. Subway

2.1.1. upgrades to the Docklands Light Railway and the North London Line, and add a new "Javelin" high-speed rail service.

2.2. Bus

2.3. Taxi

2.4. Emirates Air Line

2.4.1. This start using on June 2012,  cross river Thames between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks. This can bring about 25,00 passengers an hour.

2.5. During Olympic Games , Olympic rings marked on streets, these were marked using for Olympic athletes and staff.

3. History

3.1. First Olympics

3.1.1. in the Panathenaic stadium in Athens in 1896, it had 214 athletes and 43 events.

3.2. Summer Olympics happens every four years.

4. Performance

4.1. Opening ceremony

4.1.1. It start at London time 21:00, 27th July 2012  Rock band Muse has sing the theme song "Survival".

4.2. Closing ceremony

4.2.1. At London time 21:00 12th August 2012, the closing ceremony starts and the theme was "A Symphony of British Music".

5. Attendance

5.1. Audiences

5.1.1. About 80,000 audiences watch opening ceremony.

5.2. Volunteers

5.2.1. About 8 million volunteers has help for London Olympics Games.

5.3. Athletes

5.3.1. About 10,700 Athletes from 205 National Olympics Committees. Most of the athletes have to be over 18, however in gymnastics only have to be over 16. In Football games the athletes have to be under 23, each team allow three members over 23.

6. Competition items

6.1. Track and field Sports

6.2. Equestrian

6.3. Gymnastics

6.4. Ball Sports

6.5. Water Sports

6.6. Fencing

7. Economics

7.1. Country

7.1.1. Increase British economic from sale tickets, having cooperation with other countries

7.2. City

7.2.1. Tourist coming to watch the Olympics , having a trip in London will increase the tourism development.

7.3. Residents

7.3.1. Sale souvenirs and a chance to get better connecting with people from other countries.

8. Themes

8.1. Song

8.1.1. Rock Band Muse "Survival"

8.2. Mascots

8.2.1. Wenlock and Mandeville