Construction Management

An attempt to map the questions asked during a typical construction project in order to identify the possible data points to be tracked and connected

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Construction Management by Mind Map: Construction Management

1. Why are you building?

1.1. Form

1.1.1. Architecture Massing

1.2. Function

1.2.1. Urban Planning Civil / Infrastructure Commercial Residential Government Education Healthcare

1.2.2. Engineering

1.2.3. Architecture Programming Space Planning

2. How is a project...?

2.1. Developed

2.1.1. Financing Property Acquisition Appraisal Pro Forma

2.1.2. Land Use Urban Planning Basis of Design Marketing Market Research Market Development

2.2. Designed

2.2.1. 2D 2D Plans Plangrid Bluebeam AutoCAD Excel Specs CSI Section Shop Drawings As-Built Drawings

2.2.2. 3D Model How? Revit AutoCAD Sketchup Rhino ArchiCAD Tekla Why? MEP Coordination Analysis & Simulation Building Life Cycle Management

2.3. Managed

2.3.1. Risk Management Safety Environment Insurance

2.3.2. Logistics Staging Phasing Site Access

2.3.3. Procore Estimate Budget Schedule of Values Payment Requisition Invoice Change Order Procurement RFP to Bidders Bids from Subcontracts Subcontract Coordination BIM Coordination RFIs Submittals Mockups

2.3.4. Schedule Duration Sequence Tools Microsoft Project Primavera P6 Smartsheet

2.4. Built

2.4.1. Experience Tradesperson Training Best Practices Manufacturer Manufacturer Recommendations Product Demonstration

3. Where is the...?

3.1. Project

3.1.1. Region Topography Geology Subsurface Report Climate

3.1.2. Geographical Location Property Extents District / Zone Plot Street Map Neighborhood Nearby Transit

3.2. Material...

3.2.1. Manufactured

3.2.2. Assembled

3.2.3. Stored

3.2.4. Staged

3.2.5. Installed Plan Location Room / Space Grid / Column Line Level / Elevation

4. When will the... ?

4.1. Material be...

4.1.1. Purchased

4.1.2. Manufactured Sourced Assembled Delivered Packing Slip Long Lead Items

4.1.3. Installed

4.1.4. Maintained Replace Service Warranty Guarantee

4.2. Project be...

4.2.1. Developed Funded Designed Schematic Design Design drawings Construction Documents Permitted Building Permit Constructed Topped Out Permanent Power Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Signed Off Certificate of Occupancy

4.2.2. Open Leased Lease Furnished Occupied

5. Who?

5.1. Initiates

5.1.1. Owner

5.2. Designs

5.2.1. Designer Architect Civil Engineer MEP Engineer Structural Engineer Landscape Architect

5.3. Reviews Design

5.3.1. Code Consultant

5.3.2. Government Building Dept. Permit Transportation Dept. Environmental Safety / OSHA

5.3.3. Contractor MEP Coordination Constructability Review

5.3.4. Owner Usability Design Intent

5.4. Provides Materials

5.4.1. Manufactures

5.4.2. Assembles

5.4.3. Sells

5.4.4. Installs

5.5. Inspects / Tests / Verifies

5.5.1. Inspector / Testing Lab / Commissioning Agent Inspection Report Commissioning Matrix Equipment ID #

5.5.2. Manufacturer Warranty

5.5.3. Designer Punch List

5.5.4. End User Patron / Attendee Tenant / Resident Employee Client / Customer

5.5.5. Public Industry Peers Awards Reviews Neighbors

5.6. Maintains and Operates

5.6.1. Building Engineer

5.6.2. Janitor

5.6.3. Superintendent

5.6.4. Landlord

6. What is the...?

6.1. Building Material

6.1.1. Composition Raw Material(s) Components

6.1.2. Appearance Shape Color Finish

6.1.3. Function CSI Code

6.1.4. Size / Unit of Measure

6.2. Project