kat silva: Be the dream

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kat silva: Be the dream by Mind Map: kat silva: Be the dream

1. A second definition of a dream is " a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal"

1.1. with all that under my belt it probably sounds like I am "living the dream" right?

1.1.1. Middle: How I became who I am Field qualifications 5 plus years in customer serivce Multiple customer service awards 2 customer service of the year awards Sales associate of the month Voice of the Associate Team member 3 years Classes taken B.A Media communications leadership and Organizational Behavior Cultural studies Sociology Psychology Many years of art classes Design Background All medium use artist at heart Graphic design Digital video and audio production storytelling web design

2. "living the dream" the home depot employee motto

2.1. By definition a dream is "a serious of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a persons mind during sleep"

2.2. but here at Home Depot we arent sleeping.

2.3. We work hard and hit the ground running everyday!

2.4. So what is "living the dream"? It didn;t start to make sense to me till I was living it 5 days out of the week. Then those 5 days a week turned into 7 days a week because I was no longer just seeing Home Depot and the orange ladder as a job, but that I can make it my dream job. "Be the dream".

3. Even with all my recent accomplishments I want more for myself.  A few years back my Store Manger once told me "Kat you can do anything you want to". That triggered something in me, that dreams are personal. "Be the dream"

3.1. "Living the dream" is vague, leaving room for interpretation. I want to build not just 'the dream', but MY dream!

3.2. I don't believe that I, or anyone else should settle on a star they happen to grab hold to.

3.3. I once heard someone say " jump for the moon and if you miss grab a star on your way down"

4. I wont refuse to settle, I will keep dreaming and climbing.

4.1. A dream is something you build and keep building. A dream is also personal, there are two dreams that are a like.

4.2. So if dreaming never stops, then why should we allow our real life dreams to stop after a certain point.We shouldn't we should always keep reaching. Climbing from one star to the next till you reach the moon.

4.3. Our minds never stop dreaming, even when we wake up and think we didn't dream that night, its because we just don't remember.


5.1. Some of you in the room know me, but for those of you that dont let me tell you about myself and how I got to be where I am now, standing in this room speaking with you and where I want to be after this is done

5.1.1. First let me intorduce myself, my name is Kathleen Silva, but most of you know me by Kat. Beginning: who I am Personal Qualities Strong leader Versatile Dependable

6. Relatable Information/story

6.1. We have all been there, new to the company and its our first week on the floor working with customers. Its an intimidating feeling, because THD world is so large and well known! Personally I started seasonal in the lot pushing carts and helping customers to their cars. Bottom of the totumpole, but hey at least it wasnt the over night crew!

6.1.1. There are two things when you are new that you start noticing employees saying The first is don't create a "pumpkin patch". We all wear orange aprons, so when we stand in groups chatting it resembles a pumpkin patch! The second things is when you ask another employee how they are doing more often than not they will respond with " living the dreaming".

7. End: Why

7.1. I am the entrepreneur of my own life. I create my own dreams, and it is my job to build those dreams bringing them to life, to be those dreams.

7.2. Today my dream is to earn the position of District HR manger. Next week my dream will be regional HR manger. I will climb the orange ladder, I wont just live the dream I will "be the dream", living breathing and bleeding orange!