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1. Cardiovascular Endurance: -the ability of the body to continuously provide enough energy to sustain sub-maximal exercise -better cardiovascular endurance improves the delivery of oxygen

1.1. 12 min Cooper Test  - explanation

1.2. Multi Stage Fitness Test

1.3. Harvard Step Test

2. Muscular Strength: -the ability of the muscles to exert a force to overcome a resistance -better strength helps to avoid injuries Test: Hand Grip Dynamometer Test

2.1. Static Strength: -the greatest amount of force that can be applied to an object

2.2. Dynamic Strength: -the strength a person needs to support their body weight over a prolonged period of time

2.3. Explosive Strength: -muscular strength used in one short, sharp motion

3. Flexibility: -the movement available at the joints, usually controlled by the length of our muscles -helps to prevent injuries and improve balance Test: Sit-and-Reach Test

4. Muscular Endurance: -ability of muscles to make repeated contractions over a period of time -important in sports like Association Football (repeated kicking of ball) Test: 1 min Bent-Knee Sit Ups Test, Pull-ups

5. Body Composition: -the amount of muscles,fat and bone that makes up our bodies Test: Yuhaz skinfold Test