Foot Locker

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Foot Locker by Mind Map: Foot Locker

1. Social Stack

1.1. Sprinklr

1.2. Kana CRM

2. Key Stakeholders

2.1. Social / Media

2.1.1. Ben Dignan Director of Social Media at Foot Locker; [email protected]; "I'd much rather talk about my experience and passion than write about it. Let's chat!"

2.1.2. Velnisha Combs, MBA Marketing Manager - Social Media at Foot Locker; [email protected]; "Manage social media team focused on enhancing brand awareness & customer loyalty for the Eastbay Brand; Enhance social media reporting through the creation of new tools prior to on-boarding the company’s first social media publishing, listening & reporting"

2.2. Digital / Marketing

2.2.1. Bobby Krauss Manager Digital Marketing/New Media at Foot Locker, Inc.; [email protected]

2.2.2. Peter Schliesmann, Vice President, Digital Technology; [email protected]

2.3. Customer / Experience

2.3.1. Raymond Davis CTO | Innovation Trailblazer | Change Agent | Agile Enthusiast; [email protected]; "Develop strategy for web, mobile and social product development that drives an engaging experience across all channels; Manage relationship with vendor partners focused on enhancing our product offering and customer experience"

2.3.2. Patty Durkin Director, CRM/Loyalty & Research; [email protected]

2.4. Contact Center

2.4.1. Wausau Kathleen BeBeau Customer Care Supervisor at Foot Locker, Inc.; [email protected] Jenn Charles Customer Care Operations Manager at Eastbay, Inc./; [email protected] Michelle Korman Contact Center Manager at Eastbay, Inc.; [email protected]

2.4.2. Angelique Adams Director of Contact Centers at Foot Locker; [email protected]; "Directs the processes and procedures of Call Center Support services. This includes Internet Customer Service, Administrative Support Department, Mail Order Operations, Payment Processing (including credit card fraud prevention), and related support units and mechanisms"

2.4.3. Maddie Opal Director of Call Centers at; [email protected]

2.4.4. Oshkosh Carla Kinderman Call Center Supervisor at Eastbay, Inc.; [email protected]

2.5. IT / Misc.

3. Contact Center

3.1. Wausau, Wisconsin

3.2. Oshkosh, WI

4. Social Care Overview: Twitter

4.1. @footlocker

4.1.1. both marketing + CS

4.2. very empowered + helpful; sneakerheads

5. Types of complaints

5.1. Shoe returns

5.2. order / delivery issues

5.3. inventory / stock / release questions

5.4. shoe size