Louisiana Flooding

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Louisiana Flooding by Mind Map: Louisiana Flooding

1. a lot of people had to evacuate

1.1. where did they all go?

1.1.1. 10,000 people in 50 different shelters

1.2. When will they be able to come back

1.3. how did they evacuate everyone at one time?

2. how much damage did it cause?

2.1. how much damage was caused to government buildings?

2.2. if your house was damaged what will happen? will state pay for it or insurance?

2.3. at least 60,000 houses have some damage

2.4. Thousands of people have lost everything

2.5. estimated over 30 million dollars of  damage

2.6. 20 parishes

3. how much rainfall was there?

3.1. 31 inches in 1st 15 hours

3.2. 6,900,000,000,000 gallons of water in one week

4. how many people have been killed? Saved?

4.1. 13 people have died so far

4.2. over 30,000 people and 1400 pets have been rescued

5. How much more rain will there be?

5.1. 14 more inches projected

6. what all does the government do? national? state? past floodings?

7. What does insurance do?