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Olympics by Mind Map: Olympics

1. Future Sports

1.1. Skateboarding

1.2. Karate

1.3. Softball

1.4. Baseball

1.5. Sports climbing

1.6. Surfing

1.7. Tokyo, Japan 2020

2. Male vs Female

2.1. Most popular male/female olympic event

2.2. The gap between men and women isn't as big as some people may think

2.3. The women's speed records are only 10% off of the male records in: Running, Swimming, Rowing, Kayaking, Short distance, and long distance.

3. Popularity

3.1. Gymnastics, Track&Field, Swimming

3.2. Carl Lewis- Track&Field

3.3. Cathy Freeman- Running

3.4. Michael Phelps- Swimming

3.5. Simone Biles- Gymnastics

4. Questions

4.1. What is the most watched event?

4.2. How long do people train for the olympics?

5. Criminal

5.1. Portugal’s education minister was robbed at knife point. So was the chief of security for the opening ceremony as he left Olympic Stadium. A police officer was killed when his vehicle was sprayed with gunfire, and an Olympics bus carrying journalists was attacked by people throwing rocks.

5.2. Armed robbery by 4 American swimmers