Executive Toughness - Jason Selk

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Executive Toughness - Jason Selk by Mind Map: Executive Toughness - Jason Selk

1. 3 Keys

1.1. Accountability

1.2. Focus

1.3. Optimism

2. Foundation

2.1. Define Your Win

2.1.1. Your Purpose & Priorities

2.1.2. Purpose Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?

2.1.3. Priorities Whats important to me? What do I value?

2.2. Turn Up your thermostat = Your self image

2.2.1. Your Self Image How you view yourself Your strengths and weaknesses Your upper limits Your capabilities

2.2.2. Self communication is the key to self image Whatever you tell yourself - you become Visualization is the KEY

2.2.3. You will not out-perform or under-perform your self image for long

2.2.4. Create a 30 second mental Video in your mind of the ideal self image Record it or Write it out Your purpose Your priorities Involve all senses As if you are experiencing it right now Visualize and feel it every day Just when you are going to bed Upon waking up

3. Accountability

3.1. Product/Process Goals

3.1.1. Product Goals/ Outcome Create 3 measurable Product Goals Example Product Goal Have 6 pack abs in 60 days

3.1.2. Process Goals What it will take to get the outcome Develop 3 Process goals for every product goal Example Process goals 1. Work Out for 60 minutes every day 2. Eat 2000 Calories daily - very specific DIET 3. Measure every day

3.2. Prioritization

3.2.1. Eat the Frog DO the most important thing First How to make it easier ETS = Emphasize the Start Don't worry about how long it will take to finish

3.2.2. Calendar IN your process goals Put your process goals in your calendar for the week

3.3. Evaluation

3.3.1. Daily Performance Evaluation What 3 things did I do well today? What is my most needed improvement for tomorrow? What one change do I need to do in order to make above happen? On a scale of 1-10 how well did I do on completion of my process goals?

3.3.2. Quarterly Product Evaluations 1. Where are you on each of the 3 product goals? 2. How well did you do on your process goals over last 3 months 3. What changes do you need to make


4.1. Arousal State

4.1.1. IAS = Ideal Arousal State Too little stress Too much Stress KEY = Find your Ideal Arousal state Peak Focus Peak Performance Scale of 1-10

4.1.2. Identify your ideal IAS For each of the Process goals scale of 1-10

4.1.3. Tune it up or down How to Go UP Using physical exercise How to go Down Centering breath

4.2. Scripting

4.2.1. Identify top 3 situations in which a script would be helpful

4.2.2. Write down 3 scripts for each of these situations Script 1 Script 2 Script 3

4.2.3. Rehearse them

4.3. Mental Workout

4.3.1. 1. Centering Breath 6 in 2 hold 7 out

4.3.2. 2. Identity Statement 2 components I am {Characteristic} I am {Your #1 goal accomplished} Example I am very hard working and relentless in my pursuit. I make 1 million dollars per year

4.3.3. 3. Vision and Integrity Highlight Reel 30 seconds = Self Image Video 30 seconds = Visualize yourself doing what you need to do 3 keys Visualize in 1st person Feel the feelings right now Visualize in real time

4.3.4. 4. Identity Statement

4.3.5. 5. Centering Breath


5.1. Relentless Solution Focus

5.1.1. That which we focus on EXPANDS

5.1.2. PCT Your #1 enemy Problem Centric Thinking You see it on TV/media all the time

5.1.3. The TOOL Mental Chalkboard On one side is problem On the other side is solution Ask yourself +1 solution Any improvement to the current situation Relentlessly look for that +1. Its always there

5.2. Gable Discipline

5.2.1. OPTIMISM What Optimism is NOT Hope that somehow things will work out in your favor What Optimism is That I will succeed because of MY hard work, focus and relentless persistence

5.2.2. Gable Discipline Prioritize Discipline Use it on your process goals Finish What you start Make finishing a habit Try and Try again

5.2.3. Assess your current discipline level On a scale of 1-10 On each of process goals

5.2.4. Get a mental Coach What would Coach Gables do?

5.2.5. Over-Practice Discipline Once a week, do more than you commit to doing on one of your process goals. For example