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Animals by Mind Map: Animals

1. Fish

1.1. Different types of fish?

1.1.1. Are all fish edible?

2. Insects

2.1. Spiders

2.1.1. What makes humans so afraid of spiders?

2.2. Butterfly

2.3. Caterpillars

2.3.1. Do certain caterpillars develop into certain butterflys

2.4. Ladybugs

2.4.1. Migrate How do animals have sense of location?

3. Medical Problems

3.1. Do certain animal groups have more medical issues than other animal groups?

3.2. Do certain animals cause humans medical problems, other than allergies?

3.3. If animals do cause medical issues which one causes the most issues for humans?

3.4. Which animal is most beneficial for the human population?

4. Products

4.1. How is animal testing legal?

4.1.1. Why isn't product testing of animals completely banned?

4.2. Does animal testing collide with animal abuse rules?

5. Treatment/How we treat animals

5.1. Should pound conditions be increased?

5.2. Should it be illegal to put animals to sleep for non-medical reasons?

5.3. Is it ethical for animals to be kept in zoos and used in circuses?

5.4. Do farmers have the right to kill off carnivores to protect livestock?

5.5. What efforts are being put in to protect endangered wildlife?

6. Reptiles

6.1. Turtle

6.2. Alligators

6.2.1. Is there a difference between alligators and crocodiles?

6.3. Snakes

6.3.1. Other than venom/teeth, how to snakes protect themselves?

7. Amphibians

7.1. Frogs

7.1.1. Do frogs really cause warts

7.2. Lizards

7.2.1. How do chameleons change color?

8. Mammals

8.1. Are Humans considered animals and/or mammals?

8.2. Dogs

8.2.1. How did dogs become one of the most common household pet?

8.2.2. Do pounds have certain standards they have to meet? Should conditions be increased? Should Animal Shelters that kill off animals be illegal?

8.2.3. Should states execute dogs that have bitten someone?

8.3. Cats

8.3.1. Did cats develop from Lions or vice versa? Or no relation at all?

8.4. Horses

8.4.1. Does horse races have effective negative results on horses?

8.5. Pigs

8.5.1. Pigs consume everything.