10 Minute Toughness - Jason Selk

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10 Minute Toughness - Jason Selk by Mind Map: 10 Minute Toughness - Jason Selk

1. Mental Workout

1.1. Centering Breaths

1.1.1. Biology of Pressure/Nerves Heart Rate rises Our resting rate is 60-70 When under pressure, it goes up to 120 When it goes to 150

1.1.2. We have to control our Arousal to perform at our very best Arousal Level of Energy/Excitement you experience A small amount of pressure can dramatically affect our heart rate

1.1.3. Deep breathing helps control heart rate

1.1.4. Centering Breath Ritual 6 Seconds IN 2 Hold 8 seconds OUT

1.2. Performance Statement

1.2.1. Your body listens to your mind

1.2.2. Replacing all your negative thinking with a positive performance statement Ivan Lendl In 1985 Starting repeating to himself Next 6 years

1.2.3. A simple, concrete thought that identifies what it takes to perform at your very best

1.2.4. What are 1-2 things you would tell yourself as a coach before you go into a competiton "One skill at a time. One routine at a time" "Focus on the present"

1.3. Personal Highlight Reel

1.3.1. Create your own reel 1. 60 second mental clip of excellent past performance 1. Identify your best past performance(s) 2. Select 3-5 highlight reels EACH 10-20 second long 3. Freeze Frame at the moment of your greatest Emotional Rush 4. Turn up the intensity of the rush and really feel it 2. 60 second clip of upcoming Big Game 1. Think of an upcoming Big Event 2. What will you need to do well in order to succeed? 3. See yourself performing at your very best 4. See yourself as a winner

1.3.2. Guidelines 1. Camera In the stands your eyes as the camera 2. Details the more the level of details the better it is 3. Frequent and Brief Visualizing many times for short stints is far more effective than visualizing for extended periods of time 4. Visualize from Beginning to End 5. Feel the way you want to Feel Before During 6. Replay until you get it right 7. Give Credit Congratulate yourself on a job well done 8. Operate at Game speed

1.4. Identity Statement

1.4.1. Identity statement is a statement designed to improve your self image

1.4.2. Self image controls our behavior

1.4.3. Constructing it 1. What is the strength you have or want to have? I am very intelligent and ambitious 2. What do you hope to accomplish? I am a dominant force in the online learning business 3. Put the above 2 together I am very intelligent and ambitious. I am a dominant force in the online learning business

1.5. Centering Breath

2. Relentless Solution Focus

2.1. Always have a solution on board

2.1.1. As human beings, We are better at seeing Problems rather than solutions

2.1.2. Its not just Solution Focus Its Relentless Solution Focus The difference is in how often we commit to thinking about solution in face of challenges

2.1.3. What is the 1 thing I can do right now that will make my situation better

2.2. Solution Focussed Tool

2.2.1. The solution doesnt need to get you to perfect answer It just needs to improve your current situation

2.2.2. Chase any negative thoughts with Whats the 1 thing I can do to improve this situation

2.2.3. +1 Focus on the 1 next step 1 small improvement Whats the best way to eat an elephant 1 BITE at a time

2.3. Exercise

2.3.1. 1. What is your #1 biggest challenge right now?

2.3.2. 2. Write out a list of all possible +1s

2.3.3. 3. What is the +1 you can do right now?

3. Goal Setting

3.1. Effective goal setting

3.1.1. Process Goals Use product Goals before and After practice/competition Use process goals DURING

3.1.2. 3 Levels of Goals Ultimate Look all the way to the end of your career What would you like to be remembered for? Product Results oriented Measurable Next 12 months Process What it takes to achieve Product goals Must be specific enough to be measurable

3.1.3. Go Public You put pressure on yourself You become accountable Outsourced accountability

3.1.4. Keep Goals Alive 1. One thing you need to  improve next time 2. What one thing can you do to make that improvement?

3.1.5. What all will you need to sacrifice to get this goal?

3.2. Personal Rewards Program

3.2.1. Material/Experiential Rewards you can enjoy when you hit the goals

3.3. Tapping the Power of Goals

3.3.1. 1. Write down the name of your toughest competitor - the person you want to beat

3.3.2. 2. On a scale of 1-10, how much hard work/effort is the person putting?

3.3.3. 3. On the same scale, how much hard work/effort are you putting? Every day, pledge to outwork that competitor