General Mathematics

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General Mathematics by Mind Map: General Mathematics

1. Logarithmic Functions

1.1. Logarithmic functions are the inverses of exponential functions.

2. Business Math

2.1. Compound Interest

2.1.1. Maturity Value

2.1.2. Future Value

2.1.3. Present Value

2.2. Simple Interest

2.2.1. Maturity Value

2.2.2. Future Value

2.2.3. Present Value

2.3. Simple Annuities

2.3.1. Future Value

2.3.2. Present Value

2.3.3. Amortization Schedule

2.4. Deferred Annuities

2.4.1. Present Value

3. Domain and Range

3.1. Domain

3.2. Range

3.3. Discontinuities

3.4. Vertical asymptotes

3.5. Horizontal Asymptote

4. Exponential Functions

4.1. In the case of exponentials, however you will be dealing with functions such as g(x) = 2x, where the base is the fixed number.

5. Radical Functions

5.1. It contains a radical expression with the independent variable in the radicand.

6. Rational Function

6.1. It is any function which can be defined by a rational fraction.

7. Inequalities

7.1. A "solution" of an inequality is a number which when substituted for the variable makes the inequality a true statement.

8. Inverse Functions

8.1. It is a function that undoes the action of the another function.

9. Linear Functions

9.1. -functions whose graph is a straight land.