Causes of the Brexit

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Causes of the Brexit by Mind Map: Causes of the Brexit

1. Economics

1.1. Europe's economy has been weak since 2008

1.2. Unpopular Austerity and Decreased public spending in Britain

1.3. Loss of jobs due to Globalization

1.4. ____________________________________

2. Dissatisfaction with the political class

2.1. Main political parties did not support leaving the EU

2.2. Prime Minister David Cameron  who supported remaining in the EU was becoming increasingly unpopular

3. False and Misleading Information

3.1. "Leave" Campaign claimed that every week £350m would stay in Britian to pay for the National Health System if it voted to leave the EU.

3.2. "Remain" Campaign claimed that people would be on average  £4,300 poorer if they voted to leave the EU

4. "Leave" Campaign had more popular positions.

4.1. Immigration

4.1.1. People who voted to leave  felt that immigration was out of control.

4.1.2. Britain had a significant increase in immigration over the last 10 years.

4.2. Nationalism

4.2.1. Most people who voted to leave the EU wanted Britain to make its own decisions. Europe was viewed as a problem by most "Leave" voters

4.3. ___________________________________

5. Cultrual Factors and Demographic factors

5.1. Age of voters

5.1.1. 90% of People Over 65  voted in the election

5.1.2. Only 64% of young people under 25 voted.

5.2. British people felt less integrated with the EU than other EU citizens

5.3. People who voted to leave were generally poorer, less educated and older

5.4. ____________________________________

6. ________________________________