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Schizophrenia by Mind Map: Schizophrenia
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Clinical Characteristics

Positive Symtoms

Negative Symptoms

It is the most common psychotic disorder, 1% of the population

Develops in early adult life

Peak age of onset in women is 5-10 years earlier than men

Depression is co-morbid with schizophrenia

Issues surrounding classificaiton and diagnosis of Schizophrenia

Prior to the 70's everyone had different diagnostic tools so the rates of schizophrenia were different to other countries.To eliminate these differences attempts were made to standardise the systems and now the ICD and DSM are very similar and so are more reliable as diagnostic tools

Other diagnostic tools have been developed specifically to diagnose schizophrenia. These help with the reliability of the diagnosis.

It is stigmatising to attach a "label" of schizophrenia. This is supported by Scheff who believed that people labelled with a diagnosis would conform to the label and it would become a self fulfilling prophecy.

It is difficult to define boundaries between schizophrenia and other disorders - depression is frequently co-morbid with schizophrenia. This is why the ICD and DSM proposed mixed disorder categories but the validity has been questioned.

Due to individual differences, there is a marked variability among schizophrenics in terms of symptoms, course, response to treatment and this has led to the suggestions that there are various sub-types of schizophrenia:





Biological - Drug Therapy