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Oceans by Mind Map: Oceans

1. Covers 71% of the Earths surface.

1.1. Contains 97% of the Earths water.

1.1.1. Not drinkable.

2. There are 5 oceans in the world.

2.1. Pacific

2.1.1. Largest ocean in the world.

2.2. Atlantic

2.3. Indian

2.4. Southern

2.5. Artic

2.5.1. Smallest ocean in the world.

3. Is the biggest aquatic biome in the world.

4. Threats to oceans are mainly produced by human destruction of the environment.

4.1. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

4.2. Oil Spills.

5. Contains most other saltwater biomes in the world.

5.1. Coral Reefs

5.1.1. Contain 25% of marine species.

5.2. Estuaries

5.2.1. Where salt and freshwater mix.

5.3. Oceans (Itself as a biome)

6. 1/8 of the estimated species in the world are aquatic.

6.1. Most live in the ocean.

7. Characterized by being the largest biome in the world.

7.1. Saltwater

7.2. Contains all other saltwater biomes

8. Is the most diverse species biome in the world

9. Produces most of the worlds oxygen.

9.1. 1/2 of the worlds oxygen

10. Regulates world temperature.

10.1. This is because the water absorbs heat from the sun.

11. Ways to keep the ocean healthy

11.1. Not dumping into the ocean

11.2. Recycling.

11.3. Cleaning up the environment.

11.3.1. Oil Spills

11.3.2. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

11.4. Regulate overfishing.

12. Where hurricanes/typhoons form.