Long and Short Vowel Sounds

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Long and Short Vowel Sounds by Mind Map: Long and Short Vowel Sounds

1. Long Vowel Sounds

1.1. cake

2. A, E, I, O, U

3. Story that includes words with long vowel sounds and short vowels sounds

4. Picture-Letter-Word Match Whiteboard Activity and Game

5. Short Vowel Sounds

5.1. apple

6. Reading

6.1. Identify  if a vowel is short or long in a word

6.2. Telling their own story using long vowel sounds and then short vowel sounds

7. Letter and Word Recognition

7.1. Identify the name of the vowel when hearing a word

7.2. Naming words that have long vowels and words with short vowels, with picture clues or story clues in activity.

8. Phonics

8.1. Matching cards with a word and a picture to the vowel sound-sound recognition.

8.2. Hearing the vowel sound and naming the corresponding letter .