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Forrest Gump by Mind Map: Forrest Gump

1. Mesosystem

1.1. School

1.1.1. Jenny/Mom allowed Forrest to learn coping skills to deal with bullies

1.1.2. Jenny made this time a peaceful and happy time for Forrest

1.1.3. Forrest's relationship with his mom allowed him to be trusting and kind to others

1.2. Home

1.2.1. Mom/Travelers gave Forrest the confidence to talk with others and feel "normal"

1.3. Neighbourhood

1.3.1. Forrest was able to deal with bullies and overcome barriers because of the protective nature of his mom and the encouragement Jenny gave him to overcome these barriers. An example of this was to "run"

1.3.2. His love for Jenny led Forrest into some negative altercations/made it hard for him to make relationships

1.4. Intellectual Disability

1.4.1. Made it hard to form relationships

1.4.2. Made it hard for Forrest to learn and pick up on social cues which affected his social interaction within school and within the neighborhood/town

2. Microsystem

2.1. Mom

2.1.1. Caring

2.1.2. Confident

2.1.3. Understanding

2.1.4. Nurturing

2.1.5. Protective

2.1.6. Religious

2.2. Jenny

2.2.1. First Friend

2.2.2. Understanding

2.2.3. Caring

2.2.4. Related with problems of her own

2.3. Principal/Doctor/Townsfolk/Classmates

2.3.1. Misunderstood Forrest

2.3.2. Looked at him as "different"

2.3.3. Labelled him as "stupid"

2.3.4. Thought he wasn't "normal"

2.3.5. Bullied Forrest

2.4. Travelers that stayed in Forrest's home

2.4.1. Interacted with him

2.4.2. Shared stories

2.4.3. Made him feel safe

3. Ecological Systems Theory

4. IQ 75-Intellectual Disability

5. Macrosystem

5.1. Socioeconomic Status

5.1.1. Mom was able to make enough money to give Forrest the basic necessities of life and what ever else he needed to be happy

5.2. Ethnicity

5.2.1. Forrest came from a white family, protecting him from the racism and discrimination of that time period

5.3. Beliefs

5.3.1. Forrest's mother was very religious which was passed down to Forrest. This pushed Forrest to be very loyal, respectful, and obedient

5.4. Society

5.4.1. Misunderstood Forrest's disorder and labelled him 'stupid' or 'slow'

5.4.2. Educational knowledge around these types of disorders and others were in its infancy and this had major impacts on how Forrest was treated and his self concept of himself

6. Exosystem

6.1. College Football

6.1.1. Allowed Forrest to shine with his physical ability of running

6.1.2. Created stronger relationships and more positive feelings towards Forrest from the townsfolk and his peers

6.2. Mass Media

6.2.1. Mass media at that time was showing the truths of war and creating a negative divide between supporters and non supporters. This in turn naturally led Forrest to the army and Jenny into an activist against war. Creating tension on their relationship.

6.3. Army

6.3.1. This environment created a strong relationship between Bubba and Dan where as in other settings Forrest would not have had the chance to make these types of friends and influences on his life (shrimping)($)