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The Big Idea by Mind Map: The Big Idea

1. Current market

1.1. What's already available which is similar?

1.2. What already does well?

1.3. How could this product be better?

2. Costs

2.1. What are the materials and labour costs involved?

2.2. What would the profit margin be?

2.3. Would you give a section of this to charity?

3. Unique Selling Point

3.1. What's distinctive about this product?

3.2. Could you make this a social enterprise?

4. Marketing

4.1. Would marketing depend on the audience?

4.2. Could you promote via social media?

4.3. Set up a stall at a local market / fair?

5. Audience

5.1. A product for children?

5.2. A product for young people?

5.3. A product for adults?

6. Logistics

6.1. How would the product be produced?

6.2. Could you make it by hand?

7. Team work

7.1. Who will take on which role in your team?

7.2. How will you share tasks fairly?