What is effective technology integration?

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What is effective technology integration? by Mind Map: What is effective technology integration?

1. Seamless - once answered the technology should somehow entice the student to ask further questions

1.1. Technology should be reliable - glitches in technology should be rare with troubleshooting knowledge/personel readily available.

2. use students' experiences and images that relate to their lives


4. Using tech. in ways that motivates students to think more deeply.

4.1. Getting students motivated through means in which they are familiar with

5. technology helps students build and demonstrate understanding

6. engages students in developing and extending content knowledge

7. having students use technology to expand options

8. Allows students to access information seamlessly

8.1. Students should be able to put together any kind of demonstration of their skills/knowledge with voice, picture, video, etc. formats that are compatible with each other

9. Seamless - no barriers to a student finding answers to their questions