Documentary Ideas

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Documentary Ideas by Mind Map: Documentary Ideas

1. Mise-en-Scene

1.1. Costumes

1.1.1. Can show the type of documentary being shown.

1.2. Props

1.2.1. Relevant to chosen genre. For example, weapon used for murder.

1.3. Location

1.3.1. The scene shows the setting of the documentary. Cinematics are shown and so people may be able to recognize the location.

2. Camera Shots

2.1. Mid Shot

2.1.1. Can help show the body language of person who is being interviewed. It can also show gestures and emotions.

2.2. Close Ups

2.2.1. Shows the expression of the person being spoken to. It can set the mood for the documentary.

2.3. Establishing Shot

2.3.1. Sets the scene for opening sequence

2.4. Tilts/Pans

2.4.1. Follows the subject or interaction. The camera shows the location of documentary.

3. Editing

3.1. Fading to black can be used to create tension and suspense.

3.2. Shot reverse shot can be used to switch between interviewer and interviewee. This can show interaction between the two. It can also allow viewers to assume that the interviewer and interviewee are looking directly at each other.

4. Sound

4.1. Diegetic

4.1.1. Sound is visible on screen. Can be heard when dialogue is taking place between two people.

4.2. Non Diegetic

4.2.1. Sound is added onto the production. Commentary and sound effects such as music can be added to create more of an affect.

5. Crime Topics

5.1. Murder

5.2. Kidnap

5.3. Stabbings

5.4. Gangs

5.5. Assault

5.6. Arson

6. Conventions

6.1. Interviews

6.1.1. An opinion/insight can be given through the use of interviews.

6.2. Reconstructions

6.2.1. Can provide factual information it can give viewers a sense of realism like as if the event happened in real life. Blurring can be used to make it more realistic.

6.3. Voiceovers

6.3.1. Commentating over things can allow the audience to form an opinion based on the commentators views.

6.4. Archive Footage

6.4.1. It can help people understand events clearly. As well as this it can detail.

6.5. Text

6.5.1. Can show information quickly to audiences to help them understand what is going on. Also can be used to introduce people on camera.