World War II Causes

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World War II Causes by Mind Map: World War II Causes

1. Treaty of Versailles

1.1. German economic ruin

2. Japanese Expansion

2.1. Japan invades Manchuria in 1931

2.1.1. Japan invades China in 1937 Japan invades Korea

3. Fascism

3.1. Spain dictator Franco

3.1.1. Italy dictator Mussolini Germany dictator Adolf Hitler

4. Rise of the Nazi Party

5. League of Nations does not stop German rearment and expansion

5.1. 1938 Hitler takes over Austria

5.1.1. 1939 Hitler takes over Czechoslovakia

6. Britain and France use policy of Appeasement

6.1. Munich Agreement

7. Great Depression

7.1. Creates unstable governments

7.2. Worldwide suffering

8. United States participates in Isolationism

8.1. U.S. not members of the League of Nations