World War One Propaganda

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World War One Propaganda by Mind Map: World War One Propaganda

1. Film Propaganda

1.1. participation, noise, people speaking, agreeing, disagreeing, booing, shouting

1.2. The Battle of the Somme film

1.2.1. first film that really showed what life was like on the front lines

1.2.2. gives you real emotions with war

1.2.3. you know how it goes on the barrlefield now

2. Recrutement Propaganda

2.1. making it personal

2.2. 'look what we have to defend, it’s our moral duty to go and help the people of Belgium and France'

2.3. "follow me”, “your country needs you”

3. Depicting the enemy

3.1. Germans

3.1.1. say that British are using political power

3.1.2. Germans depicted ‘Perfidious Albion’

3.1.3. said how Birtish presure their people

3.1.4. said that Germans are superior

3.2. British

3.2.1. show how cruel Germans are

3.2.2. show how caring the British are

3.3. Don't demonize them

3.3.1. or you will scare your troops

3.4. don't minimize them

3.4.1. you want to beating a formidable foe

4. gender in Propaganda

4.1. Women:

4.1.1. were the symbol of the British nation

4.1.2. are somthing to fight for

4.1.3. vulnerable and in need of protection

4.1.4. active participants in the war

4.1.5. responsible for life and death makin the new generation making the bullets

4.2. on postcards:

4.2.1. 'Good luck tommy'

4.2.2. 'we are coming brothers, 100.000 strong'

4.2.3. old woman represents the pity, the sorrow, of Belgium

4.2.4. 'German honour has become a shame'

4.3. if you didn't enlist

4.3.1. you are a shame to your coutry

4.3.2. you aren't worthy of women