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Article Editor Roles & Responsabilities by Mind Map: Article Editor Roles & Responsabilities
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Article Editor Roles & Responsabilities

Paste and Text cleaning

Copy and paste text from the original article into MT and eliminate all extra spaces and line brakes or spurious characters present in the text.


Chunk the text according to the standard chunking roles of Master New Media's Style Manual


Bold the text according to the standard chunking roles of Master New Media's Style Manual

Adding original links

Add all links from original articles checking if they really works.

Adding extra links

Add extra links to very relevant resources, better if resources from Master New Media, Kolabora, Master Views and other sites of Robin Good's Media Network. Possibly prefer links to authoritative, credible and open resources (like Wikipedia).

At least a third more of all original links

Title approval

IF ON INTERNATIONAL EDITION: Send email to editor in chief with the original English title and the suggested translated title.

IN ON MNM EN: Send email to editor in chief with the suggested English title (very relevant and better than the original one).

Author & References

Author resource box (optional)

Where there is an external contributing author we need to provide an author resources box with a biographical profile of the author including a link to his blog or a personal about page, blog and a personal photo (max 120 px width)

Images selection

Intro image

Section's images

Image editing and integration

Integrate the images in the MT entry

Edit the contrast, color balance and the brightness of the images. Crop it to make the main subject very visible and resize it according to the Master New Media's style manual roles: for INTRO IMAGE (MAX 480 px of width) and SECTION IMAGES (AV 220 px).


Related articles

Amazon books

Publication date and time set

Masternewmedia Categories and Tags

Standard Tags


Preview and spellcheck

Delivery to editor for publication

Intro fake text

Custom Path